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Motorized Czerny-Turner spectrographs
UV-CureRight Radiometer
Cryostats with closed helium cycles
Low-noise CCD detectors
NIR spectroscopy with photo diode array
High-throughput transmission grating spectrograph
Advanced technology helium liquefier
AC Susceptometer
sCMOS cameras
CCD cameras for direct detection (<20 keV)
Vacuum spectrographs for VUV and XUV / EUV spectroscopy
Photo lithography systems
CCD cameras with shutter
EMCCD cameras
Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor
Hand-held light meter & optometer
Cameras and detectors for time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy
Cryogenic temperature controllers
Cryogenic temperature monitors
Cryogenic accessories
Cryogenic temperature sensors
Research picoammeter with Wifi
Datalogging optometer
Research radiometer with Wifi
Magnetic field platform
MSH-300 with variable slits & MSH-300F with fixed slits
Helium recovery and liquefaction plants
MPMS3 SQUID magnetometer
MSH-150 with variable slits & MSH-150F with fixed slits
MSHD-300 with variable slits & MSHD-300F with fixed slits
High-end thermography cameras
Echelle spectrograph
EMCCD detectors for spectroscopy
High-performance CCD detectors
Manual single grating spectrograph
Closed-cycle optical cryostat
3D optical surface profiler with smart PSI and true color measurements
NIR compact camera
SWIR spectral camera
MWIR spectral camera
LWIR spectral camera
Multipoint spectrometers
Hyperspectral single core scanner
Closed-cycle optical cryostat with intermediate sample chamber and integrated cold sample electronics size
VIS/NIR spectral cameras
VIS/NIR compact camera
VIS/NIR all-in-one compact camera
Physical Property Measurements in a cryogen-free system (PPMS DynaCool)
Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS)
Ultra stable closed-cycle optical cryostat
Portable, cryogen-free material characterization platform
Kerr magnetometer
Closed-cycle optical cryostat with breadboard
Advanced technology helium gas purifier
Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) with electromagnet
Interferometer optimized for production metrology
White light interferometer for roughness
Dynamic metrology
Phase shifting Fizeau interferometer with ring light source
Wavelength shifting Fizeau interferometer for multi surface cavities
White light interferometer automated for production
White light interferometer for general purposes
Phase shifting Fizeau interferometer
3D metrology of aspheric surfaces
Phase shifting Fizeau interferometer with vibration tolerant algorithm
2 and 4 mirror infrared single crystal furnace
Cameras for indirect detection (>20 keV)
Arc single crystal furnace
Standard near infrared camera
Uncooled thermal camera
Fast large format camera covering visible to near infrared
Compact SWIR camera
High performance NIR camera
Fast large formate near infrared camera
Compact near infrared camera
Flexible small near infrared camera
Cooled mid infrared camera
Small camera covering visible to near infrared
Cooled camera covering visible to near infrared
Small uncooled camera covering visible to near infrared
Imaging spectrograph NIR and SWIR
Airborne continuous VNIR and SWIR hyperspectral system
Airborne fluorescence hyperspectral imaging system
Imaging spectrograph MWIR
Compact airborne VNIR and eNIR hyperspectral system
Airborne thermal hyperspectral system
Hyperspectral drill core imaging station
Hyperspectral chemical imaging analyzer
Imaging spectrographs VIS and VisNIR
Stand-alone X-ray cameras
Optical tweezers


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