Dec 2017
Workshop/Conference "Advanced nano-mechanical techniques for academic and industrial research"
University of Warwick's main campus, UK

A forum for the UK and European materials science research community and materials developers in industry, open to users of all instruments.
Who should...

9th Joint BER II and BESSY II user meeting

We will present our range of spectrographs.

Feb 2018
Fribourg, Switzerland

We will present cameras and spectrographs and will be available to discuss our range of products.

FCQO 2018 Frontiers of circuit QED and optomechanics
Simmering, Austria

We will be available to discuss our range of optical cryostats, cryostats, spectrographs and detectors for modular spectroscopy.

Mar 2018
CompleteEASE Course 2018
LOT-QuantumDesign GmbH, Darmstadt

LOT-QuantumDesign GmbH together with the J.A. Woollam Co., Inc. is happy to announce the next course on CompleteEASE Ellipsometry Data Analysis that...

WSE 10 - 10th Workshop Ellipsometry
Chemnitz, Germany

We will be available to discuss our range of ellipsometers.

SCTE 2018 - The 21st Intern. conference on solid compounds of transition elements
Vienna, Austria

We will be available to discuss our range of helium liquefiers and magnetometers.

Apr 2018
Analytica 2018
Munich, Germany / Hall A2, booth 113

We will present electron microscopes and accessories, our particle size analyzer, compact hyperspectral cameras and more spectroscopic products.

Stuttgart, Germany / Hall 6, booth 6213

We will present electron microscopes and accessories.

May 2018
Seminar Oberflächenanalyse elektronischer Baugruppen
ZESTRON Europe, Ingostadt

Freuen Sie sich auf den Vortrag "REM und EDX zur Fehleranalyse und Qualtitätsprüfung" von Herrn Pape. Gerne stellt er Ihnen das Desktop-Elektronenmikr...

Jun 2018
Achema 2018
Frankfurt, Germany / Hall 4.1, booth E21

We will be available to discuss our range of products like particle size analyzer, electron microscopes and sputter coater.

Sep 2018
LpS 2018 LED Symposium + Expo
Bregenz, Austria / Booth A 10

We will present spectrophotometers from ILT.

Nov 2018
Vision 2018
Stuttgart, Germany

We will present cameras for VIS/NIR from Xenics, high-speed streaming cameras from AOS Technologies and from Moxtek wire-grid polarizers UV-IR.


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