Agreement for the distribution of the RedLux products in Italy

LOT-QuantumDesign is pleased to announce the collaboration agreement for the products distribution in Italy of one of the world's leading non-contact Metrology equipment manufacturers, RedLux.


LOT-QuantumDesign is a leading European distributor of high-quality scientific instruments and components. Our products range comprises components and systems used in materials science, imaging, spectroscopy, photonics, nanotechnology and life science research and RedLux allows us to enrich our products portfolio and to offer solutions for the most advanced non-contact 3D Metrology requirements to our customers in the Optics, Automotive and Precision Engineering industries.


About RedLux

RedLux specialises in ultraprecision metrology and automation. Its non-contact 3D profiling technology gives fast, reliable and highly precise measurement data of components such as artificial joints, pistons, valves, cylinders, contact/intra-ocular lenses, optics, bearings, etc.

RedLux machines provide manufacturers with a fast and accurate inspection tool for quality control and investigation of surface characteristics such as wear, defects and form deviation. RedLux systems encompass optical coordinate measuring machines (optical CMMs), taper gauges and Scratch-Dig measurement systems.
The Optical Coordinate Measuring Machines measure and analyze with nanometer resolution mechanical or optical components and medical implants with regards to form, geometry, surface finish and roughness at the highest accuracy, thus replacing traditional measuring instruments with only one machine.

In the Optics Industry exists a substantial demand for an automatic measurement method for industrial optical components. OptiLux SD supplies the answer to this demand with an automatic, traceable and repeatable process for verification of optical product Scratch-Dig specifications.
The RedLux team combines expertise in the Mechanical, Design and Software Engineering fields to ensure a thorough and professional response to customer requirements and the ability to create bespoke measurement systems.



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