Ultra stable closed-cycle optical cryostat

HILA s200 Workstation from Montana Instruments

If you are looking for an optical cryostat with closed helium cycle that provides a mechanically highly stable sample stage, the HILA s200 (High Inertia Low Acceleration) workstation is the optimal solution. The system features advanced vibration isolation consisting of a passively dampened platform with low natural frequency combined with a mass compensation technology for ultra sensitive measurements. The kinetic energy within the sample space is minimized.

4 – 350 K temperature range
1 µG√Hz (1 – 100 Hz) accelerations
10 mK temperature stability (ptp)
8 optical ports
133 mm diameter breadboard platform

High inertia
An innovative inertial ballast stabilizes the sample platform without impacting thermal performance.

Low acceleration
Advanced vibration isolation technology allows a wide range of sample masses to achieve optimally low accelerations, despite cabling or other connections to the sample.

Seamless integration
An integrated cold circuit board gives users easy access to electrical connections right at their sample.

Various options for sample mounts and feedthroughs are available. The fully automated operation eliminates costly and time-consuming cryogenic pitfalls. Due to the Closed-cycle the system does not consume any helium.


The two mirrors of a cavity typically have a distance of a few nanometers. It is critical that this distance remains stable during a measurement. The mount of the mirrors is very sensitive to accelerations.

Scanning probe microscopy

The most SPM applications require the probe head to be in a very close distance to the sample. This distance needs to remain stable while the sample is scanned. This requires that the probe head and the sample are exposed low accelerations only.


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