Cameras for indirect detection (>20 keV)

iKon HF and Zyla HF from Andor Technology

For harder high-energy photons or particles from about 14 keV to 100 keV cameras with indirect detection methods are preferred. Indirect detection employs a material, such as a scintillator or phosphor, to convert incident X-ray photons or electrons to photons of a visible wavelength which are then detected by the sensor. We offer CCD and sCMOS technology according to their individual advantages in noise and frame rate performance.

Back-illuminated CCD and sCMOS technology with coupled fiber optics window
13,5 µm and 6,5 µm pixel size
Thermo-electrical cooling down to -35 °C for negligible dark current
High quality 16 bit AD converter for low readout noise
Optional beryllium window and scintillator screens

Indirect imaging of high energy photons and particles is highly efficient when light from the scintillator goes straight to the sensor. Direct bonding of a fiber optic plate to the CCD or sCMOS sensor facilitates a compact optical geometry with minimum loss of light. Depending on the experimental requirements regarding field of view, frame rate and noise performance we offer either the iKon-L HF CCD camera or the Zyla HF sCMOS camera. Scintillator screens with high throughput or high transmission can be added as an option. A beryllium window can be inserted if visible light has to be blocked. The iKon and Zyla detectors are fully integrated into the EPICS control software that is commonly used in larger facilities with real-time beam monitoring.

Electron microscopy
X-ray diffraction
Neutron tomography
Plasma diagnostics
X-ray tomography
Three-dimensional phase sensitive X-ray imaging
of fatigue damaged carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers
Hildebrand, M. LeckDepartment of Analytical Measurement Technology, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology,
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Göttingen
EMCCD based Single Photon Emission Microscope System for I-125 Imaging in Small Animals 
L. J. Meng Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana, USA2007iXon DF897-FB


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