CCD cameras with shutter

iKon-M, iKon-L and iKon-XL series from Andor Technology

Our CCD camera section offers high-end cameras for demanding scientific applications. Front and back illuminated CCD sensors with optimized anti-reflection coatings convert more than 90% of the incoming light into a detectable signal. The UltraVac vacuum enclosure of the sensor ensures deep thermoelectric cooling to -100 °C. Read noise is minimized by high quality AD converters with slow scanning read out rates. Classic CCD cameras require a mechanical shutter to avoid image smearing during the read out process.

Front and back illuminated CCD sensors with various anti-reflection coatings
Sensor formats from 512 x 512 to 4096 x 4112 pixels
Thermo-electrical cooling down to -100 °C for negligible dark current
High quality 16 or 18 bit AD converter for low readout noise
USB 2.0 interface

The Andor iKon-M and iKon-L camera series are designed for low light situation when exposure time is expected to be long. The greatly reduced dark current allows for collection of photons over hundreds of seconds and even minutes. Pixel sizes of 13 µm, 15 µm and 24 µm, respectively, respectively, with a high capacity and low-noise AD converter result in a high dynamic range. Because of the sensor structure and the single read out channel CCD cameras offer excellent linearity (better than 99%) and uniformity.

Cold ions and cold atoms physics
Photo- and electroluminescence
Radiography and tomography
Searching for Long-Period Exoplanets orbiting Giant Stars at the Landessternwarte HeidelbergS. Reffert,
M. Tala,
P. Heeren,
S. Sadegi
Landessternwarte, Zentrum für Astronomie der Universität Heidelberg,
Imaging of ultracold Bose-Fermi mixturesS. Häfner,
M. Gerken,
B. Tran,
M. Filzinger, R. Eberhard, C. Renner,
B. Zhu,
J. Ulmanis,
E. D. Kuhnle,
Institute of Physics,
Heidelberg University,
2017iKon-M DU934P-BEX2-DD
Rare five star, doubly-eclipsing star system discoveredM. LohrDepartment of Physical Sciences, The Open University, Milton Keynes,
United Kingdom
2015iKon-L DW936N-BV
New exoplanet-hunting telescopes on Paranal
NGTS facility achieves first light
H. RauerInstitute of Planetary Research, DLR, Berlin, Germany2015iKon-L DW936N-BR-DD
µ-Photoluminescence imaging setup for optical characterisation of ZnO-based microcavitiesM. Thunert,
T. Michalsky,
M. Wille,
S. Richter,
H. Franke,
C. Sturm,
R. Schmidt-Grund,
M. Grundmann
Institute for Experimental Physics II, University of Leipzig, Germany2014iKon-M DU934P-BU2
Improved detection of small atom numbers through image processingA. F. Tauschinsky,
C. F. Ockeloen,
N. J. van Druten,
S. Whitlock,
R. J. C. Spreeuw
Institute for Experimental Physics, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands2013iKon-M DU934N-BR-DD
EL/PL imaging, breakdown analysis and series resistance of silicon solar cellsB. Schwind,
J. Bauer,
O. Breitenstein
Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, Halle, Germany2013iKon-M PV Inspector DU934P-CSV-BR-DD
Spectral characteristics of an integrated Type-I parametric down-conversion source in Ti:PPLN waveguidesS. Krapick,
H. Herrmann,
V. Quiring,
B. Brecht,
H. Suche,
Ch. Silberhorn
Department of Physics, University of Paderborn, Germany2012iKon-M DU934P-BR-DD
Shamrock SR-303i-A-SIL
Characterization of silicon thin film solar cells by electroluminescence imagingV. Mönkemöller2,
A. Gondorf1,
M. Niederkrüger1,
U. Heinzmann2,
H. Stiebig1
1Malibu GmbH & Co KG, Bielefeld, Germany
2Institute for Innovation Transfer at the University of Bielefeld GmbH, Germany
2012iKon-M DU934N-BR-DD
Spectroscopic study of confined semiconductor structuresT. Huber,
H. Jayakumar,
P. Mai,
B. Pressl,
M. Sassermann,
Z. Vörös,
G. Weihs
Department of Experimental Physics, University of Innsbruck, Austria2012iKon-M DU934N-BR-DD
Expansion of 1d Quasicondensates in an Atom Chip TrapM. Trimmel,
D. Fischer,
W. Rohringer,
M. Trupke,
J. Schmiedmayer
VCQ Vienna, Vienna University of Technology, Austria2011iKon-M DU934N-BR-DD
Characterization of Polymer Solar Cells and Modules by Luminescence ImagingM. Seeland,
R. Rösch,
B. Muhsin,
H. Hoppe
Institute of Physics, Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany
iKon-M DU934N-BR-DD
Single Pulse Quantum ImagingM. Förtsch,
C. Wittmann,
C. Marquardt,
G. Leuchs
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen, Germany2011iKon-M DU934N-BR-DD
Multi-component quantum gases in spin-dependent hexagonal latticesP. Soltan-PanahiInstitute of Laser Physics, University of Hamburg, Germany2010iKon-M DU934N-BR-DD
Detection of Explosives Based on Surface Enhanced Raman SpectroscopyL. Gundrum,
W. Hüttner,
H. Wackerbarth
Photonic Sensor Technology Group, Laser Laboratory Göttingen, Germany2010iKon-M DU934N-BR-DDShamrock SR-303i-A
Multi-Channel and Fiber-Spectroscopy in AstronomyA. KelzAstrophysical Institute Potsdam, Germany2010iKon-M DU934N-BV
Reconstruction of an Old Watch with Neutron TomographyW. Treimer,
S.-O. Seidel,
O. Ebrahimi
Insitute of Physics, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany2010DV434-BV1
Detection of spin squeezing on an atom chipP. BöhiMunich Atom Chip Group, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich and Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Garching, Germany2010iKon-M DU934N-BR-DD
Electroluminescence for Characterisation of Solar CellsD. KilianiDepartment of Physics, University of Konstanz, Germany2009iKon-M DU934N-BR-DD
Quantum Memory in an Optical Dipole TrapC.-S. ChuuInstitute of Physics, University of Heidelberg, Germany2008iKon-M DU934N-BR-DD
Investigating mixtures of fermionic elements at ultracold temperaturesF. SchreckInstitute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Innsbruck, Austria2007DV437-BV3
Wide-eyed Telescope finds Transiting Planets around Distant StarsSuperWASP Consortium, United Kingdom2007DW436-BV2
Neutronentomographie einer GasturbinenschaufelJ. BrunnerInstitute of Experimental Physics E21, Technical University of Munich, Germany2004DW436-BV2
Optisches Gitter im Hochfinesse- RingresonatorB. NagornyInstitute of Laser Physics, University of Hamburg, Germany2003DV434-BV1
1DU434 replaced by iKon-M 934
2DW436 replaced by iKon-L 936
3DV437 not available anymore


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