White light interferometer for roughness

ZeGage from Zygo

Zygo ZeGage vibration-resistant white light interferometer, for machined surface metrology and process control on the production floor. ISO 25178-compliant texture results ensure correlation to stylus metrology.

Vibration resistant white light interferometer
CSI with stitching and correlation to 2D roughness standards
Entry level CSI ISO 25178 compliant texture results
White light interferometer with scan length of 40mm
Non-contact profiler for machined surface metrology
  • Proprietary non-contact optical technology is insensitive to vibration effects; no vibration isolation platforms or enclosures necessary
  • Quantitative surface metrology with nanometer-level precision provides superior gage capability
  • Correlation to 2D and 3D standards, and compliance to ISO 25178 surface roughness parameters
  • High resolution 1 million pixel image sensor provides fast areal measurements in seconds, for excellent surface detail and visualization
  • Integrated autofocus and focus aid simplifies part setup and minimizes operator variability
  • Optional motorized part stage enables fully automated measurement sequences and field stitching for high resolution inspection of large areas
Non-contact roughness measurements of machined surfaces

ZeGage is the tool to measure roughness in a metal machine shop optically without vibration insulation and non contact.

Stylus replacement

ZeGage is the tool to measure non-contact roughness for parts with critical surfaces optically without vibration insulation.

ISO 25178


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