Hyperspectral drill core imaging station


SisuROCK is a scanning system for the automated hyperspectral analysis of drill cores and other geological samples. Hyperspectral analysis is a useful tool to find minerals in rocks and measure the distribution and quantity of the content of a drill core. SisuRock allows a fast and efficient, user-independent automated analysis and spectral imaging of a single drill core in the high resolution mode or a whole core box in the high speed scanning mode. SisuROCK can be modified according to the user’s need and priority.

Turn key
High throughput
Customization possible
Wavelength ranges dependant on the minerals
No sample preparation necessary

A mineral’s spectral reflection or transmission is like its fingerprint. So the analysis of a drill core provides information on the geological surroundings and thus on the productivity of a mine.

To accommodate different spectra, SisuROCK can be equipped with different cameras. Depending on the requirements and the mineral deposit, the user can choose between cameras for the VisNIR (400 – 1000 nm), SWIR (1000-2500 nm), MIR (3-5 µm) or LWIR (8-12 µm). SisuROCK may also be equipped with an RGB camera for easy documentation of the drill core.

Thanks to its compact design, SisuROCK can be placed close to the mine, thus saving transport costs to the laboratory and allowing quick decisions.

SisuROCK can handle cores and samples of up to 1.5 m in length, 0.65 m in width and 50 kg
in weight. All calibration procedures and data handling are automatic. Own information can be added to the data set.

Mineral mapping
Material analysis
Spectral analysis


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