Imaging spectrograph NIR and SWIR


Our imaging spectrographs for the wavelength ranges 900 nm to 1700 nm and 1000 nm to 2500 nm offer excellent spectral and optical performance. Optical distortions like Keystone, smile, and aberrations are extremely small, which facilitates excellent and repeatable spectral analysis over a wide line.

ImSpector systems can easily be integrated into user setups with NIR or SWIR detectors. Integration may be done by the user or by SPECIM upon request.

Wavelength ranges: 900 - 1700 nm, 1000 – 2500 nm
High throughput, high sensitivity
Very small optical distortions
Very good spectral resolution
Can be integrated by the user

The NIR ImSpector N17E covers the wavelength range 900 nm to 1700 nm. Spectral resolution is as good as 5 nm, dispersion is 110 nm/mm and the spatial resolution better than 15 µm. The small size allows an easy integration into industrial or scientific environments.

The SWIR ImSpector N25E covers the wavelength range 1000 nm to 2500 nm. Spectral resolution is 12 nm, spatial resolution is better than 15 µm and the dispersion is 232 nm/mm.

An order blocking filter might be necessary for the SWIR wavelength range to avoid a harmonic peak at or above 2 µm.

By default, the opening slit of the ImSpector is 30 µm wide. Other widths are also available.

Vegetation analysis
Light analysis
Food inspection
Forensic analysis


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