Fast spectroscopic ellipsometer M-2000

From Woollam Co.

The M-2000 ellipsometer combines highly accurate 'rotating compensator' method with fast CCD technology. This allows high speed measurements: min. 390 wavelengths in < 1 second. It is available as ex-situ and in-situ setup.

Ex-situ, in-situ, or inline
Rotating compensator ellipsometer
Modular design with variety of options and configurations
Maximum spectral range 193 to 1690 nm
Fully automated

The M-2000 utilizes our patented rotating compensator ellipsometer (RCE) technology to achieve high accuracy and precision. The RCE design is compatible with advanced CCD detection to measure ALL wavelengths simultaneously. This ellipsometer collects over 700 wavelengths from the ultraviolet to the near-infrared. With modular optical design, the M-2000 can be attached directly to your process chamber or configured on any of our table-top bases. Advanced design ensures accurate ellipsometry measurements for any sample and includes measurement features like Generalized Ellipsometry, Mueller matrix, and depolarisation.

Available spectral ranges

  • M-2000V: 370 to 1000 nm (390 wavelengths)
  • M-2000U/X: 245 to 1000 nm (470 wavelengths)
  • M-2000D: 193 to 1000 nm (500 wavelengths)
  • NIR extension: 1010 to 1690 nm (200 wavelengths)

Available options

  • NIR extension
  • NIR diode array extends spectral range of models "V", "U/X" and "D" to 1690 nm with additional 200 wavelenghts, 1000 nm to 1690 nm

Available ex-situ stages

  • Single angle stage, horizontal sample mount: 65°
  • Computer controlled angle of incidence goniometer, vertikale (20 to 90°) or horizontal (45 to 90°) sample mount

In-situ package

Included UHV windows to mount to UHV chambers, tilt units, and mounting elements for 2" vacuum flanges

Automated sample translation

  • 100 mm x 100 mm XY (only horizontal sample mount)
  • 200 mm x 200 mm XY (only horizontal sample mount)
  • 300 mm x 300 mm XY (only horizontal sample mount)

Manual sample translation

  • 50 mm x 50 mm XY (only horizontal sample mount)
  • 100 mm x 100 mm XY (only horizontal sample mount)


  • Attachable focusing probes to achieve spot size of 150 to 300 µm (depending on model)
  • For collimated beam measurements, the focusing probes can easily be removed

**min. spot size available: 25 µm with M-2000F (fixed angle of incidence)

Optical constants and thickness, anisotropy, index gradient, composition

The M-2000 is an extremely accurate system to determine optical constants, thickness, optical anisotropy, index gradient, composition, etc.

Homogeneity - thickness profile

In combination with an automated XY mapping stage, sample homogeneity, thickness profile etc. can be determined with automated measurement recipes

Dynamic measurements - adsorption kinetics

Dynamic measurements can be performed either with the in-situ package attached to an UHV deposition chamber or with liquid and heat cells attached to an ex-situ M-2000. Thus, the time-dependent adsorption of molecules out of a liquid ambient can be traced and measured in real-time. Alternatively, temperature-dependent changes of the sample can be determined, like phase-transitions or the glass transition temperature of polymers.

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