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Dichroic filters and sets
UV polarizers 240 - 400 nm
Visible light polarizers 420 - 700 nm
Silicon infrared polarizers 3000 - 15000 nm
Infrared polarizers 700 - 2500 nm
Inorganic absorptive polarizers
Pixelated polarizers
Ultra broadband polarizers
Carbon nanotube characterization
IR sources
FLX Flexus thin film stress measurement systems
Neutral density filter sets
Solar simulators
The FP Profiler for large samples
Arc light sources
Tunable monochromatic light sources
Plano concave lenses
Halogen light sources
Motorized Filter Wheel
Bi-convex lenses
Deuterium light sources
Fiber optic light sources
Light sources for calibration
Optical filters for light sources
Modified magnetron ET filter sets
Standard Long Wave Pass Filters
Infrared Windows and Substrates
Custom infrared coatings
Infrared Neutral Density Filters
Broadband AR Coating on Germanium
Semi-custom bandpass filters
Hard Coat Broadband Filters
High-transmitting bandpass filters
Metallic Neutral Density Filters
Steep-Edge Longpass Filters
Absorptive Neutral Density Filters
Threaded Filter Rings
Temperature Controller
Bi-concave lenses
Plano convex lenses
Astronomy/UVBRI filters
Raman spectroscopy filters
Standard infrared bandpass filters
Light source accessories
Colored glass filters
Monochromator order sorting filters
Heat control filters
Edge filters
Calibration filter sets
Standard bandpass filters and sets
Dielectric notch filters
Laser line filters
Modified magnetron ET filter sets
Thermal image plates
Digital laser power probes
Analog laser power probes
Digital power meter kit
Beam probes
CO, HF and DF laser spectrum analyzer
CO2 laser spectrum analyzer



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